Thinking of the need for getting back to the basics!

I was reading in Ephesians and was reminded of four great truths which, while perhaps not created by the early Christians were certainly brought to the forefront of civilization through the work of Christian pioneers. Those four great character traits were certainly countercultural to the world they lived in and I believe continue to be so today.

Humility - in a world which applauds self confidence and arrogance (watch any football game and you will know what arrogance and self aggrandizement looks like) Paul reminds us to consider ourselves in light of the perfection of Christ and realize that while we are precious in God's eyes, we are sinners saved by grace. We have no cause to be proud in and of ourselves, only in what Christ has done for us.

Gentleness - in a world which applauds those who speak their mind with little regard for who they hurt or damage with their words (look at Facebook) we are reminded that our actions and words have an impact on other people. We should measure our words, reflect on how they will be interpreted and cut other people some slack.

Patience - in a world which tells us we are at the centre of the universe and its all about me and what I want right now we are reminded that there are other people in this world and sometimes we simply have to wait our turn.

Bearing with one another in Love - in a world where love can be here today and gone tomorrow. Where people "fall out of" love neglect family and throw away friendships we are reminded that the greatest example of Christian faith is how we love each other and how we love those outside of our walls. Love thinks of others first and puts their needs ahead of our own.

These were the things that early Christians tried to add to their daily living and walk with the Lord, and they changed the world in only a few short years!

As we think about all of the wonderful characteristics that we bring to our individual ministry; education, experience, talents and gifts the true hallmarks of a Christian, and the best character traits we can demonstrate are still exemplified by Jesus and outlined by the Apostle Paul; humility, gentleness, patience and love. If we can demonstrate those things to others, such as family, friends, neighbours, staff and volunteers, we too can change the world.