“Great is our Lord and abundant in strength; His understanding is infinite.”


  • Psalm 147:5


As I was hanging solar lights in the back yard I marvelled at this wonderful invention that harnesses power from the sun and uses it to create light. As I considered this little wonder I started to think of all the advances in technology over the course of my lifetime;

  • the computer has moved from an accounting machine which took up an entire room to something that can be as small as a cell phone. Speaking of cell phones, we used to have one telephone that had a cord and was attached to the wall – and at one time was shared with four other families (it’s called a party line – look it up).
  • My cousin got his arm caught in a wringer washing machine and now we have fully automatic washers and dryers.
  • Virtual conferencing which has become so popular over this past year was the thing of Buck Rogers (again – look it up????).
  • What can I say about vehicle back up cameras, space ships that can travel to Mars, colour printers and the internet?


We look to advances in medical technology and the significant improvements to health, the education system and green technology and It would be understandable if we were to conclude that the human race is really quite clever indeed! When we look at the sheer volume of data that exists in our world we might be forgiven if we thought that mankind’s intellectual capacity is vast…….and yet;


  • We can’t cure the common cold
  • World hunger remains a scourge
  • A little virus can cripple the global economy and astound the scientists
  • We still don’t have colonies on Mars or visit galaxies “far, far away”
  • People still die
  • Crime still exists


But God…..still makes the world spin on its axis, brings the sun up every day and puts it to sleep at night. He brings the rain to water the crops and provides the sun to help them grow. He ordains life and breathes it into existence. There is nothing that is outside of his knowledge and nothing outside of his control. He is all powerful, all wise, all knowing and everywhere in all of his creation.


Yes, the invention of solar light is incredible, but the one who created the sun? Now that is a whole different level.





Mike Hoeft
Area Commander and Area EDS Director
Prairie Division