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Men’s Lodging

Emergency Shelter Program 

Programming for the Emergency Shelter is based on the identified needs of the Residents.

To temporarily meet the housing and, in some cases, other needs of the homeless by providing short-term shelter and other services that include showers, meals, laundry, support for helping to find housing, employment, public benefits, via advocacy and referral to outside services. Programming for the Emergency Shelter is based on the identified needs of the Residents. All programming is designed to reflect The Salvation Army Emergency Shelter Principles. 

Residents at the emergency shelter have access to a bed, laundry machines, various personal hygiene products, three square meals a day, and support from our Residential Team Manager and our Residential workers. Men who stay in the shelter also normally have access to a program lounge but due to the COVID Pandemic, our program lounge is currently closed. Once the Pandemic is over shelter residents will once again be able to utilize the television in the program lounge to relax and they will also be able to use the computer in the lounge for any reason they need it for as long as it is a benefit to their situation i.e. create a resume’, look for housing, look for work, connect with family and friends etc… The program lounge is also used for programmings such as addiction 12 step program meetings and various other programmings that may be implemented by the Residential Team Manager or Executive Director. Due to the Pandemic and other considerations, the number of beds in the emergency shelter has been reduced to a total of 15 beds and we plan on maintaining this number once the Pandemic is over.  

Residential Unit: 2nd Floor 

The Salvation Army Waterston Centre residential unit is independent living and referral is by agency, self, or other. Acceptance is conditional depending on individual needs and required resources. 

It is a 25-bed residence for males only, operated by The Salvation Army and is located in the heart of downtown Regina. 

The building is air-conditioned and is wheelchair accessible, with a ramp and elevator. 

Close to bus routes (both local transit and STC), shopping, libraries, social services, etc. 

Both long-term and short-term accommodations are offered in the residence, depending on the person’s need.  There is usually a maximum stay of two years, but this is also dependent on need and situation, and exceptions can be made. 

Services in Place for Residents 

  • 24-hour security 
  • Clothing for emergent situations (when available) 
  • Various Hygiene products e.g. toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, shaver  
  • Common washroom and shower facilities 
  • Assigned Caseworker 
  • Referral services 
  • Spiritual Care Services available 
  • Medication Administration for residents 
  • Private rooms for individuals seeking a medium to long-term, a stable living environment where meals, housekeeping, and other support services are provided. 
  • Accommodation is provided at an approved rate. 
  • Assistance with financial management is provided as needed. 

Waterston House 
Waterston House is located at 1865 Osler Street in downtown Regina near bus routes, Social Services, shopping/convenience stores, parks, etc.
It is a 40 suite apartment complex constructed to attend to the housing needs of Regina’s marginalized and low-income men.
The facility is fully accessible to the disabled. Each suite is equipped with an apartment size refrigerator, stove and sink unit, and a wheelchair-accessible bathroom.
As well, the suites contain a built-in bed and are cable television ready. There are laundry machines located on each floor.
Meals are available at a reasonable cost next door at Waterston Centre. 
Home Care personnel frequent Waterston House to visit residents approved for Home Care Services. To apply for Home Care assistance, contact Home Care at 766-7200. 


The security at Waterston House ensures that residents should feel safe from harm while behind its doors.A computer card controls entry to the building and use of the elevator.
Mail is delivered inside the building to a locked post office box, and there is an intercom in place to inform tenants of visitors. A telephone intercom is located in each suite that connects to the Waterston Centre Reception Desk. 

How to Apply & Cost 
Applications are available through the Caseworkers at Waterston Centre.
A tenancy agreement is required to be signed if provided an apartment and rent is due on the 1st of each month
Rent is set by Saskatchewan Housing based upon income level and a graduated rate scale.