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Mental Health

Supportive Residential Program Objective

To provide a safe, supportive, resource-rich residential environment for its residents.

To provide a safe, supportive, resource-rich residential environment for its residents.

In partnership with Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), the SRP works with residents and caseworkers to ensure that the foundation for resident program development is based on Quality of Life criteria, including the following needs:

  • Health (physical, emotional, spiritual)
  • Legal
  • Social
  • Work/Education
  • Enriched Housing
  • Family
  • Financial

It accommodates 15 men in private rooms.

There are 2 common washrooms available to the SRP  and designated lounge areas on the main floor.

Laundry facilities are provided at no charge.

Supportive Residential Program (SRP)

SRP was developed to provide an alternative residential service option for men with diagnosed psychiatric illness, behavioural problems, and/or substance abuse, as long as the resident can be maintained safely within the facility and surrounding community.

Intake is coordinated by the SHA System-Wide Admission and Discharge Department (SWADD).

Referrals can be made to SWADD for assessment/admission consideration by your family physician, health care workers, persons with ‘significant’ interest/concern, and so on.

The SHA Program Access Committee (PAC) reviews the assessment to determine if placement in a facility or supportive assistance is necessary.

The SRP may be considered an appropriate option based on the admission criteria agreed upon between The Salvation Army Waterston Centre SRP department and the SHA.

The client is presented to the Waterston Centre SRP department for consideration.

Factors other than the assessment will be considered in determining the acceptance of the client.

SRP Services

  • Cueing as necessary with hygiene and grooming needs. (limited ‘hands-on service)
  • Support services such as meals, laundry, housekeeping, special occasion acknowledgment and banking.
  • Medication administration and monitoring.
  • Advocacy with personal issues when needed, collaborating with on-site resource/social worker.
  • Management of behavioural symptoms associated with long-term psychiatric illness and/or substance abuse.
  • Assistance with financial management/voluntary trusteeship.
  • Appointment scheduling if required.
  • Spiritual care and inter-agency referral.
  • 24 hour – 7 days staff coverage.
  • Nursing staff Monday – Thursday day shift
  • Regular contact with resident’s community case manager.
  • Clothing and personal hygiene products are provided as needed and when available.
  • All rooms are private.